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Dr. Watson is a National Registered Certified Medical Examiner as appointed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration FMCSA.

For DOT / CDL Physical exams for Fitness For Duty click here

For School Physicals click here


Dr Watson has completed over 1000 hours of professional education in examination of the human body, and continues to stay current with the ever-changing field of healthcare by attending various seminars, conferences, and classes.  Generally the first visit to the office is a half an hour, although every patient has different needs and sometimes the first visit may last longer. On occasion Dr. Watson may reschedule you for further evaluation or refer you for tests outside our facility (X-ray, blood tests, MRI, CT scan, Bone Scan, etc.) or refer you to another specialty doctor (Neurologist, Orthopedist, Cardiologist, etc).


Watson Chiropractic, P.C.
358 Warner Milne Rd STE G 100. Oregon City OR. 97045
Phone 503-656-0218